(W.I.P.) GetwoodCity

Now that we have our base structure almost ready. i strarted to modify my code to have a better flow between the menus.

Here some pics from in the game.

These are the playable characters for now.

For more info about the game, contact Jengske_BE

UE4 Riding System

Welcome to our Riding System Project, This project is made by Jengske_BE for the Unreal Engine.
In this series we attempt to build a animal-player combination or better a horse/rider combination. 

We provide a pdf file you find here, aswell as a video playlist on Youtube.

Our first tutorial series is removed as we found a better way in setting up the system. This does not mean we deleted the code no, we modified that code and it was a bit to messy so thats wy we created this fresh tutorial series.

In this section you will only find references to the guide and playlist and screenshots from our project.
We first start by getting the rider on the animal  only focussing on that, once we mange to do so, we continue adding the animations.

Who can follow this guide/tutorial?
The current code was tested as a migration to a excisting project and also a fresh project.

What assets are needed?
You need a RiderCharacter and a AnimalCharacter you want to ride, you also need basic movement animations for both and a mount/dismount animation.
If you do not need a mount/dismount your also good to go. the more finer animations you get, the better your result will be.

Can you share the project files with us?
No, all assets used in this project are payed versions and i can not share. You find the links to the assets inside the pdf guide.

Our goals:

– Have a character ride a animal , our first guide
Have a tool, wagon, attachment to the animal
Finetuning till a fully working system thats hold a tutorial series along.

For those working with the Unreal Engine and have a good understanding about these things, feel free to share your knowledge as i’m a UE4 beginner.
For those having comments on the way i build the system, do not go put stupid comments instead point to were i made the mistake so i can adjust and test this before i update the guide.

WGU Development Team

Outlaws of the old west: Server settings.

We can now adjust the resource usage of our server these are the current settings we use:

ExperienceHorseMultiplier = 1.5
ExperienceFarmingMuliplier = 0.5
ExperienceGatherMultiplier = 0.5
ExperienceCraftingMultiplier = 0.5
ExperienceCombatMultiplier = 0.2
PlayerThirstDrainMultiplier = 2
PlayerHealthRegenMultiplier = 0.8
PlayerStaminaRegenMultiplier = 0.8
PlayerHungerDrainMultiplier = 2
PlayerHealthStatMultiplier = 1.5
PlayerEnergyStatMultiplier = 1.5
PlayerThirstStatMultiplier = 1.5
PlayerHungerStatMultiplier = 1.5
PlayerTempStatMultiplier = 1.5
PlayerWeightStatMultiplier = 1.5
PlayerCombatStatMultiplier = 1.5
PlayerAccuracyStatMultiplier = 1.5
PlayerHealthStatCap = 100
PlayerEnergyStatCap = 100
PlayerThirstStatCap = 100
PlayerHungerStatCap = 100
PlayerTempStatCap = 100
PlayerWeightStatCap = 100
PlayerCombatStatCap = 100
PlayerAccuracyStatCap = 100
AnimalHealthRegenMultiplier = 1.5
AnimalStaminaRegenMultiplier = 1.5
AnimalHungerDrainMultiplier = 0.2
AnimalThirstDrainMultiplier = 0.2
ResourceNodeItemMultiplier = 0.5
FarmingGrowthTimeMultiplier = 0.2
FarmingWaterTimeMultiplier = 0.2
CraftingCostMultiplier = 1.2
ItemStackMultiplier = 1.2
DecayTimeMultiplier = 0.2

Detailed info could be found here

W.I.P. Game HUD Prototype

Here you see a Prototype picture off our Player_HUD we are building.
This is build up sevral different layers eg: HotBar, TopBar and so on.
Once we start building the game menu and widgets these will then be used.


WGU Development Team

WGU Server Info: 28-05-2019


For the moment we having a hardware failure off one of the disks on our NAS, due to this failure we running on one disk only. We looking to solve this issue. If we could not find a solution we are forced to shutdown the NAS to prevent us from loosing the second disk with all our data.
Meaning that all our gameservers will be down untill we fix the NAS.

WGU maintain his structure pure on donations or Members that invest to keep all services running. So we have no big budgets or incommings for these situations.

We are now prepairing a external disk to be used as temp datastore to move our server to.

We also backupped the two Outlaw servers and reinstalled them with the new patch. Remember that this is still early access so, do not go building big as you will loose all after up comming patches.

Lets hope for the best.
WGU Team

Outlaws of the old west server wipe.

Yesterday when i visit our Outlaw servers i saw that everything was messed up not to say unplayable.
– Trains not connected anymore, sink into the railroad.
– Buildings, objects totally not rendered.

On 28/05/2019 they planned a major update, i think it is best that we wipe the servers after the update.

Keep in mind that this is still early access and you do not build large, as the servers could be wiped for comming updates.

WGU Team.

Site & Youtube channel update

Hi all,

We updated the site and our Youtube channel with some usefull links.
Add new link categories + links.
Activate new link widgets.

Added new video clips and playlists.
Added new abonees to various subjects.

How to find?
On the top navigationbar you see two new items,
WGU_Info: This will hold all links releated to the members and management, also info how to use EU4 assets (GameProject).

WGU_Learning: This section is special for members that want to learn new stuff or want to help us build a game.

How to use?
On the mainpages of the new sections you see first a category list of available items.
When you click on a category it will bring you straid to that section and you can see the list of links for that section.

What kind of information will this give us?
Mainly links to video guides or written documents to learn working with various softwares for example: Beginners tutorials for Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, ZBrush, Sculptris and mutch more…

For the member section
This will mainly contain info for new commers, where to find what. also for the new streamers some info how to setup this true Twitch or Youtube.

Members that do our Administration of the WGU Infrastructure can find information on the usage of some elements.

Members that are part of the WGU GameDevelopment Team find information on how to use the assets we buyed or including in the WGU Projects.

Feel free to add more by sending the url or channel to Jengske_BE

WGU Team

WGU Game Project Systems

He you can view some showcases of the systems we going to be using during our game development project.

The Map

We have more but not to shown here. Feel free to take a look on what systems we be using during our development.

WGU Team

WGU First Game Project 01

Today we started a new game development project. ‘Old western’.
We buyed some new assets and softwares to easy up our workflow.

New softwares:
Character Creator 3
iClone 7
3DExchange 7 pro
All came with bonus resources

Buyed UE Assets:
Survival game pack
Player build system
Western desert town
Desert mining props
Farming and Mining pack
Old train set
Roads and Dirt track
Save extention
Train, Rail & Roller system
User interface kit

Unreal Engine game.

We started a new project and migrated all systems we buyed.
Now we go study the guides to implement this in our game.

Some elements of this game costs money, like the special systems and models.
Comparing the price of a character set vs character creator + animator software made me buy the software instead a set of characters.
Once we learn how to use all these aapps we wil start building and implementing new stuf but for now we go do the default setup so we have base to start on.

Idea of the game
landscape: Desert, Western style.
Include a player builder system like in the outlas game.
Include a advanced inventory system.
Start single player but with multyplayer in mind.
Try adding Farming and Mining systems

Characters & Animals
I go try to create my own characters, and keep it simple to start.
I have a asset of animal i could use.
The animations come with assets or self created.
Animal behavoir we can buy later.

Let go study.


WGU_Youtube: Add your channel


As you know we started our own WGU Youtube channel, for this i would like to ask our members that have a personal channel to send us their channel url.

This we need to assign moderators and users.
You can send your channel directly to Jengske.

WGU Team

Upcoming Events
all-day H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
Jan 26 – Jan 27 all-day
H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
H&G Weekend, Join the 4Th Infantry in their goal to capture some land. Get to know new people and check for any recruits. Cya all on the battlefield.
all-day H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
Jan 31 – Feb 1 all-day
H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
H&G Weekend, Join the 4Th Infantry in their goal to capture some land. Get to know new people and check for any recruits. Cya all on the battlefield.
all-day H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
Feb 1 – Feb 2 all-day
H&G Weekend @ WGU Teamspeak Server
H&G Weekend, Join the 4Th Infantry in their goal to capture some land. Get to know new people and check for any recruits. Cya all on the battlefield.